GEM USA 2013 Report

Year of publication: 2013

category: National Reports

Upload date: 18/06/2014

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Language: English

Author(s): Donna J. Kelley, Abdul Ali, Candida Brush, Andrew C. Corbett, Thomas Lyons, Mahdi Majbouri, Edward G. Rogoff,

Summary: In 2013, an estimated 25 million Americans were starting or running new businesses, and 7.7 million projected they would employ six or more people in the next five years. In addition to these entrepreneurs, an estimated 14 million Americans were running established business, of whom 3.2 million projected employing six or more employees in the next five years. The United States consistently exhibits one of the highest entrepreneurship rates in the developed world. Entrepreneurship provides job options for those who see opportunities and those who need a source of income. They affect the U.S. economy as both current and future employers. Entrepreneurs additionally play key roles as suppliers, customers, and service providers for other businesses, creating value and employment beyond their specific organizations.

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