GEM 2010 Womens Report

GEM 2010 Womens Report

Year of publication: 2011

Category: Special Topic Reports

Subcategory: Women and Entrepreneurship

Upload date: 15/12/2011

Filesize: 3.83 MB

Language: English

Summary: The purpose of the GEM Women’s report is to examine women entrepreneurs around the world. The report seeks to understand differences in the frequency and nature of women’s entrepreneurship, and makes comparisons with men across various societies. The goal of this report is to help policy makers, practitioners and educators recognize the value women entrepreneurs bring to their societies. GEM seeks to promote better understanding about the similarities and differences between men and women entrepreneurs, as well as among various groups of women. This report also aims to provide guidance for efforts aimed toward equipping women with the capabilities they need to launch and run their businesses and creating environments within which their ventures can thrive. Highlighted throughout this report are descriptions of different women’s entrepreneurship programs operating in a variety of societies.

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