Swedish entrepreneurs prefer to be employed - GEM Sweden 2012 Report


Entrepreneurship in Sweden is growing, but slightly less than in comparable countries. This is shown by the latest GEM Sweden report, published on Monday 18th June. In particular, start-ups by women have increased since last year. The results of the survey also show that Swedish entrepreneurs have relatively low ambitions when it comes to growth.


The Swedish paradox: Swedes perceive good opportunities to start a business, but very few actually do, and among those who start a business growth aspirations are modest. Instead the entrepreneurial skills of Swedes seem to be channeled into intrapreneurship, where Sweden ranks the highest of all the surveyed countries in the GEM study, says Professor Pontus Braunerhjelm, leader of the Swedish GEM team.

This year’s report shows three particular traits for Sweden:

• Sweden is at the very top when it comes to entrepreneurial activity among employees, often called intrapreneurship. Some 12 percent of the adult population consider themselves to be entrepreneurial, which is three times higher than the average for the surveyed countries. The high proportion of entrepreneurial employees provides one explanation for the fact that our global businesses are able to continuously renew themselves and be competitive on world markets.
• Sweden is also at the top in terms of individuals believing they can identify good business opportunities where they live; 70 percent of respondents see such opportunities. A very significant proportion (49 percent) consider themselves competent enough to run a business.
• In spite of this, entrepreneurship in Sweden is low when compared internationally. And those entrepreneurs who actually do start a business have relatively low ambitions, both regarding internationalization and job creation.

In Sweden 3100 individuals were surveyed as part of the GEM study.

The Swedish GEM team is led by Professor Pontus Braunerhjelm, Managing Director of Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum.  For more information:

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