GEM Canada University of Calgary Report 2015-2016

  • Year of publication: 2016
  • Category: National Reports
  • Language: English
  • Upload date: 2017-04-16

We believe that this is the first application of GEM methodology to a university population. It was greatly facilitated by the fact that 100% of the population has a known email address. It's main findings were:  Levels of entrepreneurial activity at the university are similar to the Alberta population and among the highest in the developed world.  Interestingly, fewer members of the university community were confident of their skills or the opportunities. “Don’t know” was a common response. This may only mean they were more realistic than the general population.  Levels of “intrapreneurship” are quite high among students and faculty, There is a great deal of innovative activity going on with community partners. The GEM survey offers a systematic measure of this.  All parts of the university were almost equally involved in entrepreneurial activity — health sciences, science and engineering, and social sciences and humanities.  More than 50 per cent of entrepreneurial activity was directed at serving businesses, rather than consumers.  Approximately 30 per cent of initiatives aimed to have 20 or more employees in five years, higher than the rates for Alberta or Canada.  More than 40 per cent of initiatives expected significant export revenues.  Far more initiatives at the university used recent technology than in Alberta as a whole or the rest of Canada.  Initiatives at the U of C are much more innovative than initiatives from Alberta as a whole.  Women participation in entrepreneurship was somewhat less than in the Alberta population, particularly among faculty.